ECS Management Team

Executive Staff

Chris Jannuzzi - ECS Executive DirectorChristopher Jannuzzi

Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer

Chris comes to ECS from IEEE in Piscataway, NJ where he was executive director of the Electron Devices Society for over six years and executive director of the Photonics Society for the last four years.  Prior to joining IEEE he was senior director of member services at The College Board.  He is a graduate of New York University and holds an MA from Teachers College, Columbia University in Organization and Leadership.  With a proven ability to lead volunteer-driven technical societies, and a passion for advancing science and technology, Chris strives to maintain and enhance ECS’s preeminence in the field of electrochemical and solid state engineering.

Why Free the Science“By endowing our publications operations through the Free the Science initiative, ECS has aligned how we fund publishing with our core mission to serve the public interest. This is precisely how nonprofits should act and one of the things that excites me most about my role with ECS.”

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Tim GamberzkyTim Gamberzky

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer

Tim oversees the finance, human resources, information technology, business, and real estate operations of the Society. Tim has held senior leadership positions in the telecommunications, medical billing, and internet services industries and has served in those capacities in large and small companies, including for-profit and nonprofit entities. Tim has an undergraduate degree in accounting and an MBA in business management.

Why Free the Science“Breaking down cost barriers to enable authors to publish and readers to access the scientific content ECS creates is perfectly aligned with the mission of our organization. Eliminating the cost barriers will greatly improve the dissemination of our content and that is what ECS is all about.”

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Beth FisherBeth Craanen

Director of Publications

Beth joined ECS as the associate director of development and membership services in December 2014, was promoted to the director of membership services in September 2015, and was named director of publications in September 2016. Prior to ECS, she served as the Director for Student Affairs and Community Engagement in the School of Pharmacy at Fairleigh Dickinson University. As a founding team member, she was instrumental in building resources critical to student success. Beth holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Johnson & Wales University and a Master of Science degree from West Chester University of Pennsylvania.

Why Free the Science“It is the right thing to do as conduit for researchers to share their discoveries. Our society engages scientists and engineers that are going to provide solutions to the world’s greatest sustainability challenges. I truly believe that this initiative leads the way to accelerate the pace of innovation.”


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John LewisJohn Lewis

Director of Meetings

John joined ECS in 2005 as the manager of ECS Transactions, and then as the associate director of conference publications. In 2015, John became the Associate Director of Meetings, and was promoted to the director of meetings and corporate programs in 2017. Prior to ECS, John spent seven years working in the Publication Technologies Department of Random House Inc., and more than five years doing live event production and artist management in the music business. This intersection of events, publications, technology, and personal service has given him a well-rounded skill set that has been of great value to the Society through the years.

Why Free the Science“By working to break down the barriers between researchers and readers, we are not only fulfilling the mission of the Society, but also taking a bold stance against the commercialization of scientific research.”

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Shannon ReedShannon Reed

Director of Community Engagement

Shannon joined ECS in September 2016 as the Director of Membership Services. He has worked closely in areas of organizational growth, community development, customer service, and challenging the status quo.  At ECS, Shannon works to enhance community engagement, increase the value of ECS membership, grow educational and professional development opportunities, and support our constituent experience. He believes community engagement through networking, continuing education, and leadership development are the keys to advancing an individual’s professional career and advancing the science.

Why Free the Science“With the Internet of Things at our fingertips, Free the Science is the answer to solving worldwide sustainability issues. Our meetings and publications contain the infinite potential to change the world; sharing the science is our responsibility, our duty.”

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