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The Electrochemical Society was founded in 1902 as a nonprofit, educational organization. Even in its early years, the membership included an impressive core of active participants such as Edward Acheson, the original manufacturer of graphite and Herbert Dow, the founder of the Dow Chemical Company. Even Thomas Edison was a member.

The Society’s membership continues to have a profound impact on global society. Notable members include Intel co-founder Gordon Moore; Allen Bard, who is regarded as the father of modern electrochemistry; and Esther Takeuchi, who invented the battery that powers pacemakers.

Led by scientists, for scientists

By joining ECS, you access an elite community that can help further your research and your career. Members take advantage of the many programs that ECS offers, such as awards, grants, and fellowships, in addition to much more.

Your support brings our community one step closer to the vision of platinum Open Access. Free the Science will democratize science, accelerate scientific progress, encourage innovation, and ultimately, help create jobs and identify solutions to pressing global problems.

In order to join ECS you must hold a bachelor’s degree in natural science or engineering, or seven years’ undergraduate study and relevant work experience in electrochemistry or allied subjects.

Types of membership

ECS offers different membership plans to meet the needs of individuals in academia, industry, and government. Individuals can chose a one-year, two-year, three-year, five-year, or life membership. All members are required to select a primary division and pay primary division dues; members have the option to choose a secondary division. The division selections grant rights of each division and/or the opportunity to participate in secondary divisions based on interest. Members also have the option of participating in a section based on geographic location; section dues vary as these are governed by individual section bylaws.

Membership Membership Dues Division Dues Savings
1 Year Membership $115.00 $15 N/A
2 Year Membership $210.00 $30 $10 per year
3 Year Membership $300.00 $45 $15 per year
5 Year Membership $475.00 $75 $20 per year
Student Membership $15.00 $15.00 $100 per year
Awarded Student Membership FREE FREE $130 per year
Student Chapter Membership FREE FREE $130 per year
Retired Membership $55.00 $15 Contact us.
Life Membership Will vary Will vary Contact us.
Emeritus Membership FREE FREE Contact us.

Benefits of membership

Get the latest science

  • Receive 100 free downloads in the ECS Digital Library
  • Access to the ECS Digital Library, which includes the top publications in solid-state and electrochemical science and technology
  • Publication access includes: Journal of The Electrochemical Society (1930-present), ECS Journal of Solid-State Science and Technology, ECS Electrochemistry Letters, ECS Solid-State Letters, ECS Transactions (2005-present), Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters (1998-2012); ECS Sensors Plus (2022-present); ECS Advances(2022-present); and unlimited electronic access to Interface magazine and ECS Meeting Abstracts (2005-present)
  • Receive digital access to Interface, the quarterly membership magazine of ECS

Publish the latest science

75 percent discount on each open access article process charge (APC).

Save with generous discounts

Save big on ECS biannual meetings, educational programming, and all ECS products and services, including discounts on publications such as ECS Monographs and ECS Transactions.

Get involved

ECS offers numerous opportunities to meet with peers and expand your circle of contacts through involvement in our 13 technical divisions, sections, and/or numerous committees.

Network and engage

Connect with colleagues throughout the world using the ECS Member Directory.

Enhance your career/research

Apply and participate in the various programs that ECS offers, such as ECS’s robust award, fellowship, and travel grant programs.

Discover your next career opportunity through the ECS jobs board.