ECS Award Application Tips

The ECS Honors and Awards Program recognizes significant contributions within the scientific fields of electrochemistry and solid state science and technology, and volunteer contributions to the Society.

Here are the five most cited tips for a successful ECS award application.

A complete application is the best application

Two key questions allow for a focused understanding of the best candidate qualifications and should not be ignored:

Proposed Citation for Award: the reason for the honor and words that will appear on the framed certificate.

Summary of Nominee Qualifications: the “elevator speech” that entices the reviewer to read on.

Quality Publications Content

ECS is a scientific publisher, first and foremost, so a successful application will feature substantive publications and research that help advance our understanding of electrochemistry and solid state science and technology. The best applicant is one with a continued track record of publishing in an ECS scientific journal.

Volunteer Commitment

ECS thrives on the work of our volunteers and our awards program recognizes these efforts whether in the form of outreach activity, student chapter service or committee participation.

Highlight ECS volunteer activity and leadership throughout the application.


Make sure the application is competitive

Prior recipients, as published on the ECS web site, can be used to gauge and compare qualifications. Exploring the professional background of or even reaching out to previous award winners for guidance are options for increasing the competitive edge.

Nomination/Support Letters

The more specific, the better

Avoid generic or formulaic standards in these letters. A good application letter offers specific details about the applicant’s professional course with discussion of overcoming difficulties and/or dealing with stresses of innovation. There should be mention of ECS volunteerism, goals (present and past) and the steps taken to achieve those.

The ECS Honors and Awards Program holds no restrictions or reservations regarding age, sex, race, citizenship, or place of origin or residence. If you don’t win at the first attempt, learn from the process and try again next time. Thoughtful questions and considerations are always welcome. Consider an application and good luck!