Institutional Membership Program

Powerful relationships

Institutional membership is a relationship of great mutual benefit to both member organizations and ECS. By joining ECS as an institutional member you will immediately be on the inside track with an elite group of members in the corporate, academic, government and national laboratory sectors. You will have access to information, people and breaking research that many of your colleagues and competitors — already ECS members — rely on every day. Institutional membership opens a new network for your organization and your member representatives.

The Institutional Membership Program (IMP) is being upgraded beginning on January 1, 2018. Our member organizations now have the option to build their own benefits packages in addition to their packages baseline benefits. ECS strives to create a successful partnership with our institutional members – your organizations ability to choose the IMP benefits allows you to meet your business needs while being a strategic partner with ECS.

See what our institutional members are saying about their ECS partnership from our Institutional Membership Survey:

89% of institutional members have a positive impression of the ECS Institutional Membership Program.

85% of institutional members feel that they are valued as a partner of ECS.