Why Support ECS

The future is electrochemistry

“We have to look after the planet for our children and our grandchildren. We have to move the technology forward, but not by using more energy, but by using less energy and not by messing up the environment. As electrochemists, we can do that.”

-M. Stanley Whittingham, Distinguished Professor, Chemistry and Materials Science & Engineering, Binghamton University

Electrochemistry plays a critical role in the future of our planet and the health of those who live on it. Our members are making key discoveries that address global sustainability challenges such as renewable energy, food safety, water sanitation, and medical diagnosis and care.

To further advancement in these areas and many others, ECS is committed to:

  • publishing research through the open access model
  • convening meetings
  • training and recognizing thought leaders and emerging scientists

Your gift helps advance ECS and our global society. To support innovations in our field you may direct your gift to:

  • Free the Science Fund: supports ECS’s commitment to open access publishing so that content from our journals and meetings is free and accessible to the entire global community.
  • Education Fund: enables ECS to support emerging scientists through summer fellowships, student programs, and educational programming at our biannual meetings.
  • Awards Fund: supports the ECS Honors & Awards program. You may direct your gift to the general awards fund or select a specific award to support.
  • The ECS Fund: supports the greatest needs of ECS as directed by our board of directors. This fund gives ECS leadership the greatest flexibility in responding to the needs of the organization and our membership.

Your gift may be made in honor of one of your colleagues. It may also qualify you for recognition in one of our gift societies.  Read more about giving options.

Also, be sure to check with your employer about a matching gifts program–many programs match your donation to double the impact of your gift!