ECS Peer Review Excellence Recognition Program

The engagement, commitment, and delivery of strong manuscript submissions peer review reports has significantly impacted The Electrochemical Society (ECS)’s ability to maintain a standard of excellence and rigor in the publication of its scholarly journals. ECS holds its peer reviewers in high regard and wishes to recognize those peer reviewers who represent the standard of excellence that ECS has carried throughout its 120+ year history.

The Electrochemical Society Peer Review Excellence Recognition Program is designed to celebrate our strongest peer reviewers’ commitment to the ECS Publications programs.

Evaluation criteria

ECS editors rate our journal reviews on a scale of one to five, with five representing a review of outstanding quality. ECS determines the annual top 39 peer reviewers (the top three reviewers from each of the ECS journals’ 13 topical interest areas) based on those ratings and:

Timeliness of the review report’s delivery;

  • Number of reviews completed in the calendar year;
  • ECS membership status;
  • Individual’s status as a Trusted Reviewer and/or Certified Peer Reviewer.

The top reviewers are announced and celebrated during Peer Review Week. They are also recognized in The Electrochemical Society Interface magazine, offered a complimentary one-year ECS membership, and complimentary admission to the Society’s bi-annual spring meeting following the announcement.

Become a Top ECS Reviewer