Fellowships & Grants

Supporting emerging scientists

Each year, ECS assists students and young professionals through competitive fellowship stipends to fully support young researchers as they pursue new ideas and forge connections with professionals both within and outside the field.

ECS Summer Fellowships

Receive up to $5,000!

Looking to continue your research into the summer months? Apply for an ECS Summer Fellowship! Up to four recipients will be selected. Learn more.

Colin Garfield Fink Summer Fellowship

Assisting scientists and researchers

Are you completing a postdoc focused on battery research? Are you an ECS member in good standing? If you answered yes to these questions, apply for a fellowship today! Learn more.

ECS Toyota Young Investigator Fellowship

For projects in green energy technology

The ECS Toyota Young Investigator Fellowship aims to encourage young professors and scholars to pursue research in green energy technology that may promote the development of next-generation vehicles capable of utilizing fuel cells. Learn more.

Fostering scientific discovery

At ECS, we recognize that today’s emerging scientists are the next generation of leaders in our field. They will continue to make discoveries and shape our science long into the future.

ECS offers a variety of grants to help support scientist and foster research.

Amazon Catalyst at ECS

Funding opportunity for ECS members

Amazon Catalyst is committing up to $100,000 to help fund prime solutions for change making life easier, healthier, more sustainable, more enjoyable, or more satisfying. Learn more.

Biannual Meeting Travel Grants

Fostering the next-generation of scientists

Many sections and divisions of ECS provide grant opportunities to help students attend the best meeting in solid state and electrochemical science and technology. Learn more.

Science for Solving Society’s Problems Challenge

Leveraging the brainpower of thousands of scientists

Over 100 researchers were guided through a brainstorming and working group session with the theme of improving access to clean water and sanitation in developing countries. Learn more.