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ECS offers membership to students at a substantially discounted rate. Students have the option to pay only $30 for membership or join through one of ECS’s student membership programs.


Benefits of student memberships
Awarded student membership program

Student chapter membership program

Benefits of student membership
  • Students receive the same benefits of members at a highly discounted price.
  • Eligible to apply for ECS awards, summer fellowships and travel grants to ECS biannual meetings.
  • Network with other students, faculty and professionals in the field.
  • And much more!

Awarded student membership program

ECS divisions offer awarded student memberships to qualified full-time students. Eligible students must be in their final two years of undergraduate or enrolled in a graduate program in science, engineering, or education (with a science or engineering degree). Awarded memberships are renewable for up to four years; applicants must reapply each year. Apply or renew today!

Student chapter membership program

As a participating member of a student chapter, ECS offers free annual student memberships to qualified full-time students. Eligible students must be full-time undergraduate or graduates enrolled in a degree in natural science or engineering. This promotion is renewable on a yearly basis; student chapter members must reapply each year. Apply or renew today!

ECS has more than 100 student chapters located worldwide. To find and join a student chapter, check out the student chapter directory. If you are interested in forming a new ECS student chapter, see our
guidelines for starting a student chapter.

For additional information on student programs, contact the membership services staff at