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ECST is the official conference proceedings publication of The Electrochemical Society. This publication features full-text content of proceedings from ECS meetings and ECS-sponsored meetings. ECST is a high-quality venue for authors and an excellent resource for researchers. The papers appearing in ECST are reviewed to ensure that submissions meet generally-accepted scientific standards.

Journal Editorial Board


Jeffrey W. Fergus
Materials Research and Education Center
275 Wilmore Laboratories
Auburn, AL 36849, USA
Tel.: +1.334.844.3405

Editorial Advisory Board

Battery Division Brett Lucht
Corrosion Division Dev Chidambaram
Dielectric Science and Technology Division Zhi (David) Chen
Electrodeposition Division Andreas Bund
Electronics and Photonics Division Robert Lynch
Energy Technology Division Cynthia Rice
High-Temperature Energy, Materials, & Processes Division Cortney Kreller
Industrial Electrochemistry & Electrochemical Engineering Division John Harb
Luminescence and Display Materials Division Jakoah Brgoch
Nanocarbons Division Hiroshi Imahori
Organic and Biological Electrochemistry Division Jim Burgess
Physical and Analytical Electrochemistry Division Petr Vanýsek
Sensor Division Dong-Joo Kim