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Jan Talbot has been a longtime ECS member, served as board vice president (1998-2001), president (2001-2002), and became a fellow in 2004. She was also the editor of Interface from 1995-1998.

Talbot retired on July 1, 2018. As a celebration of her body of work, a new sponsored collection has been created in the ECS Digital Library. In line with Free the Science, ECS’s initiative to make research available to the public, ECS is accepting donations to make all of her 48 articles permanently free to read. Generally, scientific research papers are behind paywalls and are only available to subscribers. ECS is trying to change that practice.

Talbot has seeded the collection by donating $10,000 of her own money. The goal to free the collection will be to raise an additional $20,000.

Impact of her work

Talbot’s work includes 42 Journal of The Electrochemical Society papers and six ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology papers. Her body of work is focused on electrophoretic deposition, electrodeposition, chemical mechanical polishing, display screen processing, solid state lightning materials, materials science, and electrochemical transport phenomena and engineering.

”It amazes me that ECS, its journals, and its meetings were the main venue for my research interests over thirty years, which has spanned applications of corrosion, magnetic recording, semiconductor processing, and solid state lighting,” Talbot reflects. “It has truly been my professional home.”

Please help celebrate the retirement of a past president, longtime ECS member, fellow, past editor, educator, and researcher!

About Jan Talbot

Jan Talbot was the Chair of the University of California, San Diego Academic Senate in 2003-2004. She was awarded a UCSD Distinguished Teaching Award for 2010. Talbot has been the Director of the Jacobs School’s Chemical Engineering Program since 2000 and was Associate Dean of the Jacobs School of Engineering from 2014-2016. From 1975-81, she worked as a development engineer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee.

About ECS Collections

ECS sponsored collections are generously supported by the family, friends, students, and colleagues of ECS authors. Compiling all of an author’s articles published in ECS journals, these collections honor the author’s significant contributions to their particular field, the Society, and the wider scientific community by aiming to make their research freely accessible.

There are currently two other sponsored collections honoring Hugh Isaacs and Glenn Stoner.

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