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ECSarXivECSarXiv is a free online service for unpublished preprints and other technical content in electrochemistry and solid state science and technology. It is operated by ECS, a nonprofit scholarly society.

There is no charge to submit, and no charge to read the posts. ECSarXiv is built using (and is hosted by) the Center for Open Science’s Open Science Framework.

Benefits of posting e-prints/preprints on ECSarXiv

  • provides a way for users to build a robust article for journal submission
  • accelerates sharing of results
  • catalyzes research discovery
  • provides an opportunity to publish that might otherwise not be available (e.g., preliminary results)
  • offers an opportunity to publish more and different types of content (including slides)
  • affords a discovery ground for ECS journal editors to identify authors and papers
  • improves the culture of communication within the scholarly community

Why ECSarXiv?

Why another preprint server? ECS is a very broad and diverse community, and has needs that are different from those using preprint servers such as arXiv, bioRxiv, and others. An ECS preprint server helps to create a more comprehensive, transparent, and complete ecosystem of scholarly communication for electrochemistry and solid state science and technology, enabling faster, more relevant search results.

Posting policy

  • Preprints may be articles, slide presentations, datasets, etc.
  • Preprints undergo a screening process to remove offensive and/or nonscientific content and/or content not relevant to the fields ECS covers.
  • Preprints are not peer-reviewed, edited, or typeset before being posted online.
  • Authors may submit a revised version of a preprint to ECSarXiv at any time (prior to publication in a journal). All preprint versions remain accessible. Once posted on ECSarXiv, preprints have a DOI and are citable; they cannot be removed.
  • No endorsement of a preprint’s methods, assumptions, conclusions, or scientific quality by ECS is implied by its appearance in ECSarXiv.

Technical scope

ECSarXiv accepts preprints covering all aspects of research in electrochemistry and solid state science and technology under the “Topical Interest Areas” used for all ECS publications:

  • Batteries and Energy Storage
  • Carbon Nanostructures and Devices
  • Corrosion Science and Technology
  • Dielectric Science and Materials
  • Electrochemical/Electroless Deposition
  • Electrochemical Engineering
  • Electronic Materials and Processing
  • Electronic and Photonic Devices and Systems
  • Fuel Cells, Electrolyzers, and Energy Conversion
  • Luminescence and Display Materials, Devices, and Processing
  • Organic and Bioelectrochemistry
  • Physical and Analytical Electrochemistry, Electrocatalysis, and Photoelectrochemistry
  • Sensors

Advisory Board

  • Jeff Fergus, Editor, ECS Transactions
  • Dennis Hess, Editor, ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology
  • Robert Mantz, United States Army Research Office
  • Slava Rotkin, Pennsylvania State University
  • Robert Savinell, Editor, Journal of The Electrochemical Society
  • Mary Yess, ECS Chief Content Officer & Publisher
  • Beth Craanen, ECS Director of Publications

Terms of use

Authors retain copyright and choose from several distribution/reuse options under which to make the article available (CC BY, CC BY-NC, CC BY-ND, CC BY-NC-ND, or no reuse).

ECSarXiv reserves the right to identify and remove any articles that contain plagiarized material or describe experimental work that is not performed in accordance with the relevant ethical standards for research using animals or human subjects.

Using and/or citing ECSarXiv articles

Preprints deposited in ECSarXiv can be cited using their digital object identifier (DOI). See also:

ECSarXiv preprints are not formally peer reviewed. When re-using or citing them, this status should be clearly indicated.

When using preprints, you should exercise the same care and judgment you would use for any research outputs.

Journal policies regarding preprints

Most research journals allow posting on preprint servers such as ECSarXiv prior to publication. A list of journal policies can be found on Wikipedia and SHERPA/RoMEO. Authors should consult these lists and the policies of journals in which they wish to publish, before posting on ECSarXiv.

ECS strongly encourages authors to update their preprints with the DOI of the version of record of any subsequent journal publication. Links will help users to find, access, cite, and use the best-available version of you work.

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