Edward M. Baker

ECS President | 1942-1943

Edward M. BakerEdward Myron Baker was born in Toledo, Ohio on February 21, 1893. He attended the McKinley Manual Training School at Washington, D.C. and obtained his B.S. at Pennsylvania State College in 1916. From June 1916 until the fall of 1918 he was employed by the Hooker Electrochemical Company at Niagara Falls. In 1918, he was made Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Michigan. In 1923, he was made Professor of Chemical Engineering.

His consulting practice while at Michigan brought him in intimate contact with important electroplating problems. He authored about forty-five papers. Many were published in the Transactions of The Electrochemical Society, notably on lead electrodes, accelerated corrosion tests, metal polishing, and nickel and chromium plating.

Professor Baker took an active interest in The Electrochemical Society and served as Vice-President in 1932 and a Manager 1937-39 before becoming President in 1942.