Battery Division Early Career Award

Sponsored by Neware Technology Limited

The ECS Battery Division Early Career Award sponsored by Neware Technology Limited was established in 2020 to encourage excellence among early career professionals in battery and fuel cell research. The award’s field of interest is defined as “that area of electrochemical knowledge which deals with the mechanisms, theory, materials, and design of devices (primary and secondary cells and batteries and fuel cells) in which the chemical energy can be converted into usable electrical energy by an electrochemical process.” The award’s primary purpose is to recognize and support the development of talent and future leaders among early career professionals in battery and fuel cell science and technology.

Nomination Deadline: March 15, annual
Presented: Fall meeting, annual

Recipient qualifications

Only current members of The Electrochemical Society may be considered for the ECS Battery Division Early Career Award.

The ECS Battery Division Early Career Award winners are selected based on the importance and significance of the applicant’s science and technology (S&T) achievement or major contribution to the field of batteries or fuel cells as seen in the publication(s) where it is reported. The recipient(s) should be a lead author or major contributor to a paper or papers, at least one of which must have appeared in an ECS journal. To be considered, the paper(s) must show novelty and scientific excellence of high order. Factors to be considered include:

  • Originality of concept and impact of the work
  • Thoroughness of the experimental approach and/or robust theoretical analysis and modeling
  • Logic of the conclusions
  • Clarity of presentation

The candidate must have obtained his/her PhD within 10 years of the nomination deadline date. The 10-year timeline may be extended for special reasons (childbirth, military service, long-term illness, etc.), to be considered on a case-by-case basis. Candidates should show exceptional promise that includes leadership, advocacy, outreach or teaching, in addition to excellence in scientific research. The award’s intent is to recognize recent achievements or contributions to the field that can be expected to have an impact on future research and development.

Nomination Submissions

A complete nomination package includes:

  • Electronic Nomination Form
  • Copy of publication(s) on which the nomination will be judged, one of which must have appeared in an ECS journal
  • Additional documents that may be included:

– Nomination letter
– Curriculum vitae
– Letters of support


The award consists of a scroll, a check for US $2,000, and complimentary registration at the designated meeting. The recipient may receive up to US $2,000 toward travel expenses to attend the Society meeting where the award is presented. The recipient is asked, but is not required, to present a lecture to the ECS Battery Division when the award is presented at the Society’s fall meeting. The recipient is invited to write a featured review article in the Journal of The Electrochemical Society on a topic of his/her choice.

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