William Blum

ECS President | 1926-1927

William BlumWilliam Blum was born on December 28, 1881 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He studied at the University of Pennsylvania and received a B.S. in 1903 and his Ph.D. in Chemistry in 1908. He was an Instructor in Chemistry at Utah University 1908-09. He joined the National Bureau of Standards as assistant chemist in 1909. In 1918, he received the title of Chemist until 1951 when he retired to do consulting. His many research accomplishments involved: the atomic weight of cadmium; complex inorganic acids; electrochemistry; electrodeposition; electrotyping; electroplating; and electroforming.

Dr. Blum was one of the most highly respected authority’s on electrodeposition in his day. He received numerous honors and awards: the Institute of Chemistry Medal in 1926; Dept. of Commerce Gold Medal in 1951; the Cresson Medal of the Franklin Institute in 1953; Honorary Member of the American Electroplaters’ Society; elected to the Washington Academy; and two Electrochemical Society prestigious awards: Edward Goodrich Acheson Medal and Prize in 1944 and Honorary Member in 1953.

Dr. Blum was active in the affairs of The Electrochemical Society for many years before and after he was elected President for the term 1926-1927.