ECS Brand Assets & Templates

The ECS Brand Guide contains brand components and rules for how to use each element when creating branded communications. Following the ECS Brand Guide ensures that the Society’s family of brands is unified.

ECS employees: ECS brand assets and templates are on the shared drive at S > ECS Headquarters > Brand Guide & Assets.

Non-employees: ECS brand assets are proprietary and protected under intellectual property laws. Please use according to the guidelines set out in the ECS Brand Guide.

Summary of brand asset guidelines

ECS brand asset files:

  • May not be altered.
  • May not be used to imply a relationship or affiliation with ECS.
  • May not be used to imply ECS endorsement of others’ products, services, or businesses or as part of other products, businesses, or services.
  • May not be combined with other graphics without written consent. Contact regarding this matter.

NOTE: If another file type than those provided is required, please contact


ECS Brand Assets

ECS Logos

ECS logos

ECS logo with tagline
ECS logo with tagline (black and white)
ECS logo with tagline (color)

Sub brands  

ECSarXiv (black and white)
ECSarXiv (color)

Free the Science
Free the Science (black and white)
Free the Science (color)

Partnered meeting sub brands 

AiMES (black and white)
AiMES (color)


Alignment groups – divisions 

Dielectric Science & Technology
Electronics & Photonics
Energy Technology
High-Temperature Energy, Materials & Processes
Industrial Electrochemistry & Electrochemical Engineering
Luminescence & Display Materials
Organic and Biological Electrochemistry
Physical & Analytical Electrochemistry


ECS webpage templates

Blog traditional article template
Webpage content article template
Webpage without traditional paragraphs template                                                                               

For more information and/or questions about the ECS Brand Guide, please contact