Stanko Brankovic

Stanko BrankovicStanko R. Brankovic obtained a BE in chemical and biochemical engineering in 1994 from University of Belgrade and a PhD in science and engineering of materials in 1999 from Arizona State University (Tempe). Before joining the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at University of Houston in 2005, he spent two years as postdoctoral research associate at Brookhaven National Laboratory (1999-2001) and four years as a research staff member at Seagate Research Center in Pittsburgh (2001-2005).

Brankovic currently serves as a board member of the Electrocatalysis journal and he is the vice chair of the ECS Electrodeposition Division. His research interests span in different areas of material and surface science including thin films, corrosion, electrocatalysis, electrodeposition, magnetic materials, nanofabrication, and sensors. His work has been acknowledged by the University of Houston Research and Excellence Award (2010) and National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Award (2010).