Energy Technology Division Walter van Schalkwijk Award in Sustainable Energy Technology

Nomination period: October 15 – January 15, annually
Presented: ECS fall meeting, annually

The ECS Energy Technology Division established the Walter van Schalkwijk Award in Sustainable Energy Technology in 2021 to recognize and reward research scientists, academicians, and entrepreneurs who make innovative and transformative contributions to sustainable energy technologies (devices, materials, and/or processes). Recognized research innovations in lean manufacturing, responsible consumption, alternative energy, waste management, and/or reuse/recycling contribute to sustainability goals such as pollution prevention, resource conservation, and waste reduction/minimization.

The award’s field of interest is defined as “that area of technology that enables the mechanisms, theory, materials, design, operation, control, and application of devices that contribute to sustainable energy production, consumption or storage.”

Eligibility criteria
  • Current and active membership in The Electrochemical Society;
  • Outstanding achievement in, or contribution to, technology development related to sustainable energy and any of the aforementioned areas;
  • Author(s) or coauthor(s) of one or more research publications, proceedings’ articles, or patents which exhibit:
    • Originality of concept;
    • Thoroughness of experimental approach;
    • Theoretical treatment;
    • Logic of conclusions;
    • Clarity of presentation;
    • Commercialization (if any);
    • Overall importance of contribution to the fundamental and/or applied aspects of energy-related science and technologies.

NOTE: The award is intended to recognize recent achievements or contributions to the field that are expected to have an impact on future research and development. If the work’s significance has become more evident over time, consideration may be given to documents that appeared as much as 10 years before May 1 of the award year.

Nomination guidelines

A complete nomination package includes:

  • Completed electronic nomination form;
  • Nominator’s cover letter summarizing the candidate’s accomplishments and contributions;
  • Candidate curriculum vitae including a complete publication list;
  • Three letters of recommendation;
  • Copies of six representative publications, proceedings’ articles, and/or patents demonstrating accomplishments.

Unsuccessful nominations will automatically remain active for the following two years if there is remaining eligibility. Self-nominations are permissible.

Energy Technology Division Walter van Schalkwijk Award in Sustainable Energy Technology Committee members may not submit nominations or letters of support during their terms of service.


The award consists of:

  • Framed certificate;
  • USD $1,000.
Recipient obligations

The award recipient is asked to present a lecture to the ECS Energy Technology Division at the Society’s fall meeting when the award is presented.

About Walter van Schalkwijk

The award is endowed by Walter van Schalkwijk, Affiliate Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Washington, and Microsoft’s Principal Battery Scientist and battery manufacturing specialist at Duracell Corporation. A leader in the lithium ion battery research and development community, his research supports advanced batteries for the tech industry including power sources for mobile and wearable technologies, and electrochemical devices that enable reliable operation of data center infrastructure. Dr. van Schalkwijk joined ECS in 1991 and is an Emeritus Member.



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Peter Pintauro (2023)
Katherine Ayers (2022)