Antoni Forner-Cuenca

Antoni FornerAntoni Forner-Cuenca studied chemical engineering at the University of Alicante, where he graduated with honors. He completed his PhD at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich (ETHZ) in 2016 and performed his doctoral research in the Paul Scherrer Institute’s Electrochemistry Laboratory under the supervision of Pierre Boillat and Thomas. J. Schmidt.

Forner-Cuenca’s work focuses on the development of novel porous materials for advanced water management in polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEFCs). In the frame of his PhD thesis, a method based on electron radiation grafting has been applied to porous substrates to modify the hydrophobicity of the inner surfaces, leading to materials with patterned wettability. The use of these modified materials in PEFCs lead to significant performance improvements.

In March 2017, Antoni will join the laboratory of Prof. Brushett at the Chemical Engineering Department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a postdoctoral fellow to work on advanced electrodes for non-aqueous redox flow batteries.