Europe Section Heinz Gerischer Award

The Europe Section Heinz Gerischer Award was established in 2001 to recognize an individual or a small group of individuals (no more than 3) who have made an outstanding contribution to the science of semiconductor electrochemistry and photoelectrochemistry including the underlying areas of physical and materials chemistry of significance to this field. The prize was established in part a generous contribution from the family of the late Prof. Heinz and Dr. Renate Gerischer.

Nomination Deadline: September 30, even years
Presented: Fall meeting, odd years

Recipient qualifications

The recipient will have made outstanding achievements in either electrochemical science or solid state science and technology based on publications and/or technical contributions to these fields.


The award consists of a scroll and a EUR 2000 prize and, if required, financial assistance for un-reimbursed travel expenses incurred to receive the award, not to exceed EUR 1000. If a group of either 2 or 3 individuals are selected to receive the award, a scroll will be prepared for each winner, but the cash prize will be split equally between the winners, and the expense reimbursement will be shared according to the financial needs of the winners.

About Heinz Gerischer

Heinz Gerischer was a German Scientist who made significant contributions to the field particularly in the area of semiconductive electrodes and electrode kinetics. His work laid the foundation for a mechanistic interpretation of electrode reactions and strongly influenced our present understanding of electrode kinetics.

Past recipients

Nathan Lewis
Kazuhito Hashimoto
Adam Heller
Arthur J. Nozik
Helmut Tributsch
Rüdiger Memming
A. Bard
M. Graetzel
A. Fujishima