High-Temperature Energy, Materials, & Processes Division Subhash Singhal Award

Nomination deadline: Coincides with SOFC call for papers, odd years
Presented: SOFC conference

The High-Temperature Energy, Materials, & Processes Division Subhash Singhal Award, established in 2017, recognizes the excellence and exceptional research contributions of distinguished researchers to the science and engineering of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) and electrolyzers (SOEC), materials, processes, and manufacturing.

Eligibility criteria
  • ECS member in good standing;
  • Designates the H-TEMP division as their primary ECS affiliation;
  • SOFC symposia series participant;
  • Has made significant research accomplishments and scientific contributions in the fields of SOFCs and SOECs.
Nomination guidelines

A complete nomination package includes:

  • Completed electronic nomination form;
  • Candidate’s curriculum vitae;
  • Publications list documenting candidate’s contributions and accomplishments in SOFCs and/or SOECs.

NOTE: Individual members or SOFC symposium organizers can submit nominations. Self-nominations are not accepted.


The award consists of:

  • Scroll;
  • USD $1,000.
Recipient obligations

The award recipient presents an award talk at designated SOFC meeting when the award is given.

About Subhash Singhal

Dr. Subhash C. Singhal is a world leader in the study of solid oxide fuel cells. He has been an active member of ECS since 1976 and holds the distinction of founding chair of the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Symposium (SOFC) which was established in 1989.



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