Ellen Ivers-Tiffée

Ellen Ivers-TifféeEllen Ivers-Tiffée has been a researcher in the field of functional ceramics for the energy sector for more than three decades, with her focus being on electrochemical energy storage and conversion devices. Currently, she heads the Institute of Applied Materials – Materials for Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Karlsruche Institute of Technology in Germany. Previously, she has worked with such notable companies as Siemens AG, Corporate Research and Technology, and the Center of Applied Materials Research.

Her research aims at characterizing electrical/electrochemical reactions & transport processes, developing nanoscaled functional layers & interfaces and modelling/simulating materials properties in solid oxide fuel cells, lithium-ion batteries and oxygen-permeation membranes. Through her career, she has published 350 full research papers and conferences proceedings, as well as many book contributions including a German-language standard textbook on materials for electrical engineering.

Since joining ECS in 2003, Ivers-Tiffée has served in the High Temperatures Materials Division and is co-organizer of the ECS “Solid-Gas Electrochemical Interfaces” symposium. She is a member of many additional societies, including the German Academy of Science and Engineering.