Louis Kahlenberg

ECS President | 1930-1931

Louis KahlenbergLouis Kahlenberg was born in Wisconsin on January 20, 1870. His undergraduate work was done at the University of Wisconsin. He studied at the University of Leipzig where he obtained a Ph.D. For almost twenty-five years, he was Associate Editor of the “Journal of Physical Chemistry” and for almost twenty years he was connected with the “Journal de Chemie Physique”. He invented the surgical suture “Equiestene”. He did research in a wide variety of areas: physico-chemical, electrochemical, and physiological aspects; specific heats and latent heats of vaporization; specific induction capacities; separation of lithium from alkalies; vapor tension; osmosis; equilibria; hydrolysis of cellulose; new solvents for cellulose, sulphur and keratin; sulphur content of keratin; single potential of aluminum and arsenic; the electrochemical series of the metals; separation of crystalloids from one another by dialysis; colloids; passage of boric acid and other compounds through the skin and other living membranes; catalytic hydrogenation of oils; cholesterin; colloidal gold in cases of malignancy; qualitative analysis; and chemistry in daily life.

Dr. Kahlenberg was an officer of the Society for many years: Vice-President from 1902-04 and again in 1909-11. He was elected President for the term 1930-31.