Ryoji Kanno

Ryoji KannoRyoji Kanno is a professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology’s School of Materials and Chemical Technology. He received his PhD in science from Osaka University in 1985. Since 1980, Kanno has been investigating materials for electrochemical energy conversion devices, particularly lithium battery and solid oxide fuel cells. His research focuses on the development of new materials and finding superionic conducting materials for lithium battery electrodes, electrolytes for all-solid-state batteries, and solid oxide fuel cells. He has developed new outstanding materials such as LGPS, which exceeds the conductivity values of liquid electrolytes. He showed that the all-solid-state battery is a promising category of electrochemical energy storage devices for the next generation.

Kanno has received various honors from the Chemical Society of Japan, The Electrochemical Society of Japan, Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy, The American Ceramic Society, and Kato Foundation for Promotion of Science. He is presently Associate Dean of the School of Materials and Chemical Technology at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.