Ram S. Katiyar

Ram KatiyarRam S. Katiyar is currently a Professor of Physics at the University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, where he has single-handedly established an Advanced Materials Research Laboratory – also known as SPECLAB — for synthesizing nano-structured materials/films utilizing sol-gel, pulse laser deposition, and RF sputtering techniques; and characterizing them using Raman spectroscopy, x-ray diffraction, dielectric studies, and other non-spectroscopic techniques (electrical, magnetic, calorimetry, and surface microscopy).

Among his most notable research, Katiyar has successfully designed a few novel room temperature multiferroics with magnetoelectric switching at small magnetic fields (< 1 Tesla) and having large magnetoelectric coefficients that may have commercial potential in nonvolatile memories and sensor applications.

His immense contributions in the field are represented by his excellent publication record (over 900 articles) in reviewed scientific journals. He was awarded American Physical Society Fellow (2009) and Materials Research Society Fellow (2013), as recognition for his contributions in the area of applied materials science, especially in growth and characterization of ferroelectric thin films.