Sidney D. Kirkpatrick

ECS President | 1944-1945

Sidney D. KirkpatrickSidney Dale Kirkpatrick was born in Urbana, Illinois on April 2, 1894. He received his B.S. degree at the University of Illinois in 1916. He served as Chemical adviser to the Illinois State Water Survey, 1916-17; to the U. S. Tariff Commission, 1917-21; to the American Commission to Negotiate Peace in Paris, 1919; as investigator for the Tariff Commission of European Chemical Industries, 1919; as Public Relations Adviser for the Ethyl Gasoline Corp. in 1925; in 1918 he was appointed Lieutenant in the Sanitary Corps., A.E.F.

In 1928, Mr. Kirkpatrick became editor-in-chief of the McGraw Hill Publishing Company’s “Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering” and consulting editor and director of its chemical engineering series of text and reference books. He held office in the Chemical Society as councilor in 1923, 1927, 1929-42; as director of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers from 1932-35, Vice-President, 1941, and President, 1942; and as trustee of the Chemists’ Club.

Mr. Kirkpatrick served The Electrochemical Society as Chairman of the New York Section, 1930; as Vice-President, 1930; as Manager, 1933-36; and President 1944-1945. During his lifetime, he was involved in chemical and metallurgical engineering; history of engineering; petroleum technology; and economics.