Korea Section Student Award

The Korea Student Award was established in 2005 to recognize academic accomplishments in any area of science or engineering in which electrochemical and/or solid state science and technology is the central consideration.

Nomination Deadline: December 31, annually
Presented: Section meeting, annually

Recipient qualifications

The recipient must be a student who is pursuing a PhD at a Korean University

Nomination Submissions

Candidates must be nominated by a university faculty member.

The complete nomination package includes:

  • Completed electronic nomination form;
  • A curriculum vitae for the student, listing publications and work experience, as well as the month and the year at which all university degrees were begun or completed. In particular, an estimate must be made of the date of completion of the currently pursued degree. The student should expect to retain his/her status as a graduate student at least until after February of the year for which the award is being given.
  • A letter of recommendation from the nominating professor, which should outline the student’s strengths and weaknesses. It should answer the question: “Why do you wish to single out this student for the award?” The criterion for nomination is the excellence of the student’s research accomplishments. Thus, copies of university transcripts are not required.
  • A brief (1 to 2 typed pages) outline of the proposed and completed research project, written by the student.
  • Letters of recommendation from personnel in university, industry and government.

The award consists of a US $500 prize which will be presented at a Section meeting. The recipient may be requested to speak on a subject of major interest to him/her in the field of electrochemical and/or solid state science and technology at the Section meeting where the award is presented.


Minji Kim (2024)
Youngjin Ham
Ik Seon Kwon (2021)
Sechan Lee (2020)
Minkyu Kim (2019)
Hieu Quang Pham (2018)
Hye Won Jeong (2017)
Changshin Jo (2016)
Minah Lee (2015)
Haegyeom Kim (2014)
Seong Min Bak (2013)
Not awarded (2012)
Young Woo Lee (2011)
Ji-Hyung Han (2010)
Cheol-Min Park (2009)
Sung Ki Cho (2008)
Jae-Hwan Oh (2007)
Ho-Suk Ryu (2006)