Walter S. Landis

ECS President | 1920-1921

Walter S. LandisWalter Savage Landis was born in Pottstown, Pennsylvania on July 5, 1881. He obtained a degree in Metallurgical Engineering from Lehigh University in 1902 and a M.S. in 1906. He studied at Heidelberg from 1905 to 1906 and Aachen in 1909. He received a Sc.D. degree from Lehigh in 1922.

Dr. Landis was an Assistant in Metallurgy at Lehigh, 1902-1904; an Instructor, 1904-1907; Assistant Professor, 1907-1910; and Associate Professor, 1910-1912. He joined the American Cyanamid Company as chief Technologist in 1912. He became a Vice-President in 1922. His contributions to science and industry were in the fields of nitrogen fixation, electric smelting, and heavy chemicals.

Dr. Landis served The Electrochemical Society as Chairman of the New York Section in 1919 and Society President in the year 1920-1921. He was a trustee of Lehigh University. He received the Chemical Industries, American Section, Medal in 1936; the Perkin Medal in 1939; and the American Institute of Chemists Medal in 1943.
Dr. Landis was also a member of the Mining and Metals Engineering Society and the Chemical Society (Chairman of the NY Section in 1932).