Yihua Liu

Yihua LiuYihua Liu has been working in the interdisciplinary research areas of electrochemistry and materials science since his undergraduate and graduate studies at State University of New York in Binghamton. Joining a team of researchers at Nikolay Dimitrov’s laboratory, he investigated ways of mitigating incorporation of organic additives in copper electrodeposits after demonstrating that their presence could cause void formation at copper-solder joints.

His passion about electrodeposition took him to National Institute of Standards and Technology, where working with Thomas Moffat, they discovered that a century-old electrodeposition method, with a new twist, could be implemented to grow high-quality, ultrathin Pt and Ir films, adding a versatile tool to catalyst design and engineering. Currently, he continues his research in electrodeposition and catalysis at Argonne National Lab.

His works on Pt and Ir electrodeposition have resulted in the filing of two U.S patents. He has published approximately 20 peer-review articles.