Peter Mascher

Peter MascherPeter Mascher is the William Sinclair Chair of Optoelectronics and Associate Vice-President, International Affairs at McMaster University. He leads active research groups involved in the fabrication and characterization of thin films for optoelectronic applications, the development and application of silicon-based nanostructures, and the characterization of defects in solids by positron annihilation spectroscopy.

Mascher’s work has been continuously funded for more than 26 years by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, the Canada Foundation of Innovation, several federal and provincial Centres of Excellence, and industry.

Mascher has supervised more than 60 PhD and Master’s students, has authored or co-authored close to 250 publications in refereed journals and conference proceedings, and has presented many invited lectures at international conferences and workshops. He is a member of the governing body of the Dielectric Science and Technology Division of ECS, and currently serves as the Vice Chair of Nano Ontario.