James Fenton

You get adopted by everybody

After joining the Society in 1980, James Fenton presented his first technical talk at the 162nd ECS Meeting in Detroit, MI. As a young researcher just getting established in the field, Fenton immediately felt welcomed by the more established scientists at the meeting, both in academia and industry.

“It was like family,” Fenton said. “You got adopted by everybody. And that family environment, where we mentor and help everyone involved, makes me proud to say I’m a member of ECS.”

Throughout his career, Fenton continued to cultivate those relationships and become more involved in the Society. In 2007, he was named fellow of ECS and was elected as secretary of the Society in 2017.

“We’re really building a technological community,” Fenton said. “You can get that kind of family advice from others with suggestions or advice in how to move forward in certain areas of your research by just talking to other members. ECS is starting to break down the silos and bring researchers in all different areas together.”