Shirley Meng

Priceless collaborations

Shirley Meng joined ECS as a graduate student in 2007. Since becoming involved with the Society and interacting with the ECS Battery Division, Meng has felt a sense of mentorship and comradery that has inspired her to keep coming back to ECS and its membership base.

“ECS is really my professional home,” Meng said. “I’ve been able to interact with a lot of scientists and researchers and form collaborations, some of them lasting more than a decade. Those are priceless.”

Now, as secretary of the ECS Battery Division, she hopes to take that nurturing environment that she was first introduced to as a graduate student and give back to future generations.

“The Society is over 100 years old. We should think about what we’ll look like 100 years from now,” Meng said. “I would like to see my students and their students be involved with ECS.”