Kailash C. Mishra

Kailash C. MishraKailash C. Mishra is engaged in the research and development of luminescent materials, working in close collaboration with various phosphor research groups, as wells as within academia and national labs. Currently, he is the head of technology scouting of Osram Corporate Innovation at Central Research and System Laboratories of Osram Sylvania.

Mishra’s area of expertise includes theory of electronic structures and associated properties of materials, theory of luminescence, and optical and luminescence properties of III-V semiconducting materials. He has published extensively on luminescence of solids, and on the electronic structures and associated properties of atoms, molecules, metals, semiconductors and ionic crystals.

Since joining ECS in 1998, Mishra as served as chair of the ECS’s Luminescence and Display Materials Division, co-organized several ECS symposia, and co-edited multiple volumes of ECS Transactions. Additionally, he is currently one of the technical editors of the ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology and ECS Solid State Letters.