Kevin Moeller

Kevin MoellerKevin Moeller is a dedicated researcher and teacher, focusing on the broad area of organic chemistry with a particular interest in the use of electrochemistry as a tool for contrasting complex, biologically relevant molecules, exploring the chemistry of reactive radial cations, and functionalizing the surface of microelectrode arrays in a site-selective fashion.

Since joining Washington University in St. Louis in 1987, where he is currently a professor of chemistry, Moeller has taught over 4,800 students and guided 42 PhD students. In 2001, the Associated Student Union at Washington University in St. Louis named Moeller their “Faculty Member of the Year” and in the spring of 2014 he received the university’s Art and Science Council Award for Excellence in Research.

Moeller has spent time at UC Santa Barbara and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, working with researchers such as Daniel Little and Barry M. Trost. Throughout his career, Moeller has authored 135 papers and presented over 160 invited lectures.