Mogens Bjerg Mogensen

Mogens Bjerg MogensenMogens Bjerg Mogensen’s research focuses on electrochemistry, materials science, solid and liquid electrolytes, electrochemical kinetics, electrolysers, reversible fuel cells, and energy conversion and storage. He is currently a professor at the Technical University of Denmark’s Department of Energy Conversion and Storage. In addition to his involvement in academia, Mogensen has been involved in electrochemistry research and development for 42 years, continuously leading Danish and European electrochemical projects.

Mogensen has co-authored more than 350 scientific papers, of which over 200 were published in international refereed journals. He has participated in a large number of international conferences and given more than 40 invited talks, some of which were keynote and plenary talks.

Through his career in academia, he has supervised over 10 Master students, more than 20 PhD students, and around 25 postdoctoral researchers. Among his many honors, Mogensen has received the Christian Friedrich Schönbein Medal of Honour in 2008 and the Science of Hydrogen & Energy Award in 2012.