William C. Moore

ECS President | 1946-1947

William C. MooreWilliam Cabler Moore was born in Nashville, Tenn. on Feb. 10, 1884. He received a B.S. degree from Nashville University in 1903. He became an Assistant and Instructor of chemistry and physics at Nashville University from 1901 to 1906. He went to the University of Chicago as a fellow 1907-09 and received a Ph.D. in 1910. He worked as an Instructor of Chemistry at Columbia University  1909-13.

Dr. Moore joined the National Carbon Co. in 1913 and left them in 1919 to become Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins University to work on immunology, hygiene and public health. In 1920, he became a research chemist for U.S. Industrial Alcohol Co. He served as a consultant on industrial chemistry to the War Production Board during World War II. His research experience included organic amalgams, aqua regia, carbon, flame arc, immunology, and industrial applications of physical chemistry and electrochemistry. He was co-author with Alexander Smith of “Calculations in Chemistry”. Among his patents is one on the Electrolytic Preparation of Metal Powders.

Dr. Moore served The Electrochemical Society as Vice-President 1931-33, Manager 1941-43, and Society President 1946-1947. He was also active in the New York Section as Secretary 1933-35 and Chairman 1935-36.