Emanuel Peled

Emanuel PeledEmanuel Peled is known among the scientific community as the inventor and developer of the solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) model for nonaqueous alkali-metal batteries. His in-depth exploration of battery throughout his career has allowed him to develop unique state of charge meter (residual capacity) for lithium batteries in his laboratory and was manufactured by a startup company Chemtronics, for which he was a co-founder. While here, he and his team also developed high power hydrogen bromine fuel cells, direct methanol and direct ethylene glycol fuel cells with world record power.

Peled is also a co-founder of EnStorage, a startup company aimed at the development and commercialization of very large energy storage systems based on regenerative fuel cell and a co-founder of a start-up company (Honeycomb) aimed at the development and commercialization of a novel 3D lithium battery. He has since broadened his industrial roots and delved into academia, joining the staff at Tel Aviv University’s School of Chemistry as an emeritus professor.

ECS’s Battery Division has previously awarded Peled their Research Award for his outstanding achievements in the field of energy.