ECS Toyota Young Investigator Fellowship: Call for Submissions Open

[Pennington, NJ] – The Electrochemical Society (ECS), in collaboration with the Toyota Research Institute of North America (TRINA), a division of Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc. (TEMA), is excited to announce the opening of submissions for the prestigious ECS Toyota Young Investigator Fellowship. This fellowship, now in its 10th year, continues to provide a platform for young researchers in electrochemistry and solid state science to propel their innovative projects forward.

Key Fellowship Details:
  • Application Deadline: Extended deadline: February 23, 2024 
  • Fellowship Award: $50,000 for each recipient
  • Eligibility: Applicants must be under 45 years of age, members of The Electrochemical Society, and working in North America (Canada, United States, or Mexico).
  • Focus Areas: Research in batteries, fuel cells and hydrogen, and future sustainable technologies.
Elevating Electrochemical & Solid State Science Research in the Automotive Industry

The ECS Toyota Young Investigator Fellowship aims to advance the field of electrochemical and solid state science and technology by helping to address three challenges regarding environmental and energy issues: (1) finding a viable alternative energy source as a replacement for oil, (2) reducing CO2 emissions, and (3) preventing air pollution. Visit the ECS Toyota Fellowship webpage to learn more about the fellowship objectives and content.

Benefits of the Fellowship

Recipients of the ECS Toyota Young Investigator Fellowship will:

  • Receive financial support to further their research endeavors – up to $50,000 per fellowship
  • Collaborate with leading experts in the industry
  • Showcase their work at ECS meetings and publications
How to Apply

Researchers eager to contribute are invited to submit their applications by the extended February 23, 2024, deadline. Detailed information about the application process and requirements can be found on the ECS Toyota Young Investigator Fellowship website.


“This was a great experience all around. It was a real shot of confidence, in the early days, to be recognized as having an interesting idea. Then, an aspect I didn’t necessarily anticipate was the interaction with Toyota’s Research Institute. They not only visited our site, but also gave me the chance to visit their site to discuss our results. This was an opportunity for some really insightful feedback from some very smart people that wouldn’t have been possible in such an intimate setting otherwise.” Patrick Cappillino, ECS Toyota Young Investigator Fellow

Contact Information

For media inquiries or further information about the ECS Toyota Young Investigator Fellowship, please contact:

Shannon Reed
Director of Community Engagement