Corrosion Division Rusty Award for Mid-Career Excellence

The ECS Corrosion Division Rusty Award for Mid-Career Excellence was established in 2021 to recognize a scientist or engineer’s mid-career achievements and contributions to the field of corrosion science and technology.

Nomination Period: October 15 – January 15, annually
Presented: Fall section meeting, annually

Recipient qualifications

The award is given to a scientist or engineer who has contributed to the field of corrosion science and technology. The nominee must have been an ECS Corrosion Division member for at least five consecutive years prior to nomination; published in an ECS journal; and satisfy one of the following:

  • Holds a rank equivalent to Associate Professor/Associate Scientist/Associate Engineer or higher;
  • Graduated with their final degree a minimum of 10 years and a maximum of 25 years prior to the award nomination deadline.
Nomination Submissions

No member of the Award Subcommittee for this award may submit a nomination or letters of support during their term of service on the committee.

A complete nomination package includes:

  • Completed Electronic Nomination Form
  • Nomination letter
  • Nominee’s CV/Resume providing current employment and title; education and graduation dates; publications list; memberships and involvement with the Society; awards received; etc.
  • Other pertinent information to assist Awards Committee members assess the candidate.

An unsuccessful nomination will automatically remain active for the following year if there is remaining eligibility. Nominations may be updated. 


The award is given annually at the ECS fall meeting. It consists of a framed certificate; a check in the amount of US $1,000; and complimentary meeting registration for the award recipient. The recipient is expected to present a lecture on their research at a designated ECS Corrosion Division symposium during the meeting where the award is presented. Up to US $1,000 may be available for travel expenses to facilitate attendance at the meeting.

Award name

ECS Corrosion Division members chose the name “Rusty” for their new award, in reference to corrosion, their field of interest.


David Bastidas