Alvin Salkind

Alvin SalkindAlvin Salkind devoted the majority of his life to the field of electrochemical science. Salkind has been the author or editor of 17 books. His first book, Alkaline Storage Batteries, with S. Uno Falk, was an ECS monograph. He wrote another title, Techniques of Electrochemistry with Ernest Yeager. Dr. Salkind is co-editor of 11 ECS Proceedings Volumes, and is the author of over 200 articles. He has over two dozen patents.

Salkind was the first to build a battery into an x-ray port tracking structure with state of charge. After this achievement, he went on to teach a graduate course at Poly in Applied Electrochemistry from 1959-1970. While at Poly, Salkind shared lab space with Rudy Marcus, who later won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

More recently (2004-2012) Salkind was a visiting Professor at the University of Miami and at CUNY. He has been a visiting professor in Russia, Japan, China, Austria, India, Serbia, and Croatia.

Salkind is also a Fellow of the American Medical Association, AIMBE, AAAS, and the NJ Academy of Medicine and has received awards from societies in England and Japan.

As a member of The Electrochemical Society, Salkind has been chair of the Battery Division, Metropolitan Section, and many other committees and subcommittees – including the Interdisciplinary Science & Technology Subcommittee.