Sensor Division Outstanding Achievement Award

The Sensor Division Outstanding Achievement Award was created in 1989 to recognize outstanding achievement in research and/or technical contributions to the field of sensors and to encourage work excellence in the field.

Nomination Deadline: March 1, even years
Presented: Fall meeting, even years

Recipient qualifications

The recipient will have made significant research and/or technical achievements in sensors.


The award consists of a scroll, and a $1,000 prize. The recipient is required to attend the Society meeting at which the award is given and present a lecture on topics for which the award is made and may receive (if required) some financial assistance to facilitate attendance.

Past recipients

Joseph Wang
Rangachary Mukundan
Peter Hesketh
Sheikh Ali Akbar
Thomas Thundat
Chung Chiun Liu
W. Heineman
N. Yamazoe
M. Aizawa
A. J. Ricco
I. Lundstroem
R. P. Buck
J. Janata