David Shoesmith

David ShoesmithDavid Shoesmith’s research interests cover a wide range of research areas in corrosion science and engineering, with an emphasis on electrochemical and surface analytical methods, the development of techniques to analyze corroding surfaces, and the development of deterministic and probabilistic models to describe and predict corrosion performance. After a 25 year career at Atomic Energy of Canada Limited’s Whiteshell Laboratories, Shoesmith moved to the University of Western Ontario where he currently holds the position of Canadian Natural Science and Engineering Research Council/Nuclear Waste Management Organization Industrial Research Chair.

Shoesmith has a substantial body of work with over 290 journal articles and refereed conference proceedings published, including 27 book chapters and review articles, and approaching 150 commercial and company reports.

His main research area of focus shows an emphasis on corrosion issues (containers, wasteforms) related to the storage and disposal of high level nuclear waste. Outside of this area, he has funded research programs in the areas of gas transmission pipelines, the automotive industry and a fundamental research grant to investigate the basic science of a range of corrosion processes.