Ashok Shukla

Ashok ShuklaAshok Shukla’s creative, interdisciplinary, and cutting-edge research has made extensive fundamental and applied contributions to the fields of storage batteries, fuel cells, and supercapacitors. In particular, his research works on novel electrocatalysts, lithium-ion cathodes/anodes, lead-carbon ultracapacitors, nickel-iron batteries and tropical lead-acid batteries are truly path breaking.

As the current Honorary Professor at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Shukla has carved out a niche for himself through his pioneering work in electrochemical storage science and technology. His research has also been actively engaged in innovative engineering of self-supported polymer electrolyte, direct methanol and direct borohydride fuel cell systems.

Shukla is a member of many editorial advisory boards of several international journals. Among his many honors, Shukla also been named fellow of the Indian National Science Academy, Indian National Academy of Engineering, National Academy of Sciences India, India Academy of Sciences, and The International Society of Electrochemistry.