Acheson Smith

ECS President | 1921-1922

ECS Treasurer | 1924-1931

Acheson SmithAcheson Smith’s career in the electrochemical industry was parallel to the growth of the industry itself. In 1905, he associated himself with the Acheson Graphite Company, first in experimental work in the commercial application of graphite products made in the electric furnace. Later Mr. Smith became Vice-President and General Manager of Acheson Graphite Company at Niagara Falls, N.Y. In 1926, he was elected President of the company and also Vice-President of National Carbon Company positions he held until his death on July 12, 1933.

Mr. Smith foresaw the great possibilities in the use of graphite electrodes in electrolytic and electrothermic processes. It was largely due to his work that Acheson Graphite Company occupied its important position in the industrial world. He wrote many articles on economic subjects, chiefly in the field of business management in which he was considered an authority.

Mr. Smith was elected to Society membership on August 31, 1907. He was a member of the Membership Committee in 1918; elected Manager for 1915; Vice-President, 1918; Manager again 1920; President 1921; Treasurer 1925. He served as Chairman of the Committee on Electrodes and Carbons.