Distributed Power Workshop

Synergistic Use of SOFCs in Data Centers and Other Embedded Energy Applications

Wednesday, July 26
Atlantic Ballroom 1/2

All SOFC-XV participants are welcome to attend a special workshop on the afternoon of Wednesday, July 26 on SOFCs and their role in distributed power. The event will include talks by Microsoft, Cummins, University of California – Irvine, and Ceres Power on inherent synergies of SOFCs when embedded in data centers or other modular power applications. The talks will be followed by a panel discussion, giving audience members a chance to ask questions and share their ideas.

This workshop seeks to provide insight from the end-user perspective; i.e., what potential buyers/users of SOFCs envision as the opportunities and risks of the technology when embedded as an inherent part of the application, and what this approach means for the direction of the future SOFC development.

1400h – Introductory Remarks
Stu Adler, University of Washington
1410h – Disruptive Data Center Architectures with Load Side Integration
Sean James, Microsoft
1440h – Requirements for SOFC Technology in Commercial Vehicles and Telecommunications
Morgan Andreae, Cummins
1510h – SOFC Dynamics and Control in Embedded Applications
Jack Brouwer, University of California – Irvine
1540h – Opportunities and Challenges for SOFCs in Distributed Power
Mark Selby, Ceres Power
1610h – Panel Discussion
Stu Adler, Sean James, Morgan Andreae, Jack Brouwer, Mark Selby
1640h – Concluding Remarks
Stu Adler, University of Washington
1650h – Adjourn

Chair and Speakers

Stuart Adler | Chair
University of Washington

Stuart B. Adler is an Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Washington, Seattle, and co-instructor for the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Short Course of the Electrochemical Society. Professor Adler’s research interests include advanced measurement and modeling techniques for high temperature electrocatalysis, and applications of high temperature electrocatalysis in fuel cells, air separation, and electrosynthesis of fuels. Professor Adler has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of California-Berkeley.

Sean James

Sean James runs Microsoft’s datacenter research and development program within the Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure and Operations (MCIO) group. MCIO provides the foundational cloud infrastructure for over 1 billion customers, 20 million businesses, and 200+ Microsoft online services, in 90 markets. Sean drives new datacenter technology for Microsoft’s next generation data centers including the evaluation, development, and testing. Sean holds many patents related to datacenters and energy, a computer science degree, and is a certified Project Management Professional from the Project Management Institute.

Morgan Andreae

Morgan Andreae is currently Director of the Cummins Growth Office. In this role, he is responsible for the identification of new business opportunities, and the management of the portfolio of new business investments. While at Cummins, he has worked on engine integration and optimization in Advanced Engineering, and on hybrid electric powertrain development – including roles as team leader and technical director. Morgan has a PhD in mechanical engineering from MIT, a Masters in engineering management from Dartmouth College, and Bachelors in history from Haverford College.

Jack Brouwer
University of California-Irvine

Jack Brouwer is an associate Professor of Mechanical, Aerospace, Civil, and Environmental Engineering at University of California-Irvine, and Associate Director of the Advanced Power and Energy Program (APEP) and National Fuel Cell Research Center (NFCRC). Professor Brouwer’s research interests include integrated fuel cell and gas turbine systems, renewable power intermittency and integration, battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle evaluation and infrastructure development, hydrogen and electricity infrastructure development, and power electronics and energy conversion for the smart grid. Dr. Brouwer holds a PhD. in mechanical engineering from MIT.

Mark Selby
Ceres Power

Mark Selby is the Chief Technical Officer of Ceres Power. He joined Ceres Power in 2006 and is responsible for leading all aspects of the strategy and delivery of the SteelCell™ technology development. He was appointed to the Ceres Board in 2014 and prior to joining Ceres Power he was part of the Control & Electronics Department at Ricardo UK Limited. Mark has degrees in Electronics, Dynamics and Control Systems awarded by the University of Leeds.