Robert A. Witherspoon

ECS President | 1932-1933

Robert WitherspoonRobert A. Witherspoon graduated from the University of Rochester, N.Y. in 1897. He was first employed by Ampere Electro Chemical Company at Ampere, N. Y. The Company was started by Charles S. Bradley, C. B. Jacobs, and Professors Doremus and Pupin of New York Company to investigate the possibilities of electro chemical research. Later on this laboratory moved to Niagara Falls where as a result of its activities became the Niagara Research Laboratories with F. M. Becket and C. S. Saunders as associates. In 1904, Mr. Witherspoon joined Shawinigan Carbide, first as superintendent of the Shawinigan Carbide Company which later became the Canada Carbide Company Limited and finally in 1928 became Shawinigan Chemicals Limited. He hold the positions of Vice-President and General Manager.

Mr. Whitherspoon joined the Society during its first year of existence. He was elected to Society President in 1932.