Thomas Zawodzinski

Thomas ZawodzinskiThomas Zawodzinski is currently the Governor’s Chair in Electrical Energy Conversion and Storage, with appointments in the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Dept. at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and at ORNL where he has continued his career trend of playing leadership roles in projects on fuel cell materials systems – including projects in the development of automotive applications, fuel cell durability, and batteries.

In addition to his continuous involvement in a multitude of fuel cell programs, Zawodzinski has initiated and led programs including preparation of new electrolytes and new methods for studies of transport and electrode materials in Li batteries; self-assembled monolayers for device preparation; biosensors and chemical sensors for chemical warfare agents and simulants; artificial muscles; and electrochemical reactors.

Zawodzinski is a Fellow of ECS and has published more than 200 refereed papers, a number of book chapters, holds five patents, has co-edited several books on fuel cells and related topics, and has been an active public speaker with hundreds of presentations.