Piotr Zelenay

Piotr ZelenayPiotr Zelenay is the Project and Team Leader and Lost Alamos National Laboratory. Zelenay has published more than 100 research articles in renowned scientific journals, including Nature and Science, co-authored nearly 300 presentations, of which approximately 100 have been invited/keynote/plenary lectures. To his credit, Dr. Zelenay has 16 patents and patent applications in the area of polymer electrolyte fuel cells.

Zelenay has been associated with Materials Physics and Applications Division (formerly Materials Science and Technology Division) at Los Alamos National Laboratory for the past 15 years. He is currently a Project Leader and Team Leader at LANL focusing primarily on fundamental and applied aspects of polymer electrolyte fuel cell science and technology, electrocatalysis, and electrode kinetics.

Since becoming Project Leader for LANL Fuel Cell Program in 2000, Zelenay has led numerous research projects and received more than 20 awards and recognitions.

Among others, in June 2010, he was awarded the DOE Hydrogen Program R&D Award in Recognition of Outstanding Contributions to Fuel Cell Technologies for research on non-precious metal electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction and, presently, The Electrochemical Society Energy Technology Division Research Award. Dr. Zelenay is a member of The Electrochemical Society, International Society of Electrochemistry and Editorial Board of Electrocatalysis.