Organic and Biological Electrochemistry Division Manuel M. Baizer Award

Nomination period: October 15, even years – January 15, odd years
Presented: ECS Spring meeting, even years

The Organic and Biological Electrochemistry Division Manuel M. Baizer Award, established in 1992, was originally endowed by Monsanto Company in honor of Manuel M. Baizer’s many contributions to Electrosynthesis.

Eligibility criteria

The recipient will have made outstanding achievement in the electrochemistry of organics and organometallic compounds, carbon-based polymers and biomass, whether fundamental or applied, and including, but not limited to, synthesis, mechanistic studies, engineering of processes, electrocatalysis, devices such as sensors, pollution control, and separation/recovery and including, but not limited, to:

  • Synthesis
  • Mechanistic studies
  • Engineering of processes
  • Electrocatalysis
  • Devices such as sensors
  • Pollution control
  • Separation separation/recovery

*Specifically excluded are the development of electroanalytical methods and purely physical electrochemistry.

Nomination guidelines

A complete nomination packet includes:

  • Completed electronic nomination form;
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) that includes a record of achievements (e.g., publications, technical presentations, patents, etc.);
  • Nomination Letter; 
  • Letters of support (minimum of two, maximum of five);
  • Please note that a nominating person can only write a letter of support for one candidate.

Nominations are for one award cycle only.

Members of the Organic and Biological Electrochemistry Division Manuel M. Baizer Award Committee may not submit nominations or letters of support for this award during their term of service on the committee.


The award consists of:

  • Scroll;
  • USD $1,000;
  • Discretionary funds for travel to attend the ECS meeting where the award is presented.

The award may be given jointly to no more than two (2) co-recipients. In this case, co-recipients each receive a scroll and a monetary prize—not to exceed USD $1,000—determined by the ECS OBE Division Executive Committee.

Recipient obligations

The award recipient presents an award lecture at the Society’s spring meeting in even years when the award is given.

About Manuel M. Baizer

Manuel M. Baizer was a pioneer and a visionary whose influence and insights into electrochemistry continue to permeate scientific thought. The foremost, internationally recognized authority on organic electrosynthesis. His research led to the successful industrial process of the production of adiponitrile by the electrolytic reductive coupling of acrylonitrile.


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