Battery Division Postdoctoral Associate Research Award

Sponsored by MTI Corporation and the Jiang Family Foundation

Nomination period: October 15 through January 15, annually
Presented: ECS fall meeting, annually

The ECS Battery Division Postdoctoral Associate Research Award Sponsored by MTI Corporation and the Jiang Family Foundation was established in 2016 to encourage excellence among postdoctoral researchers in battery and fuel cell research and to recognize recent achievements or contributions to the field that can be expected to have an impact on future research and development.

The award’s field of interest is “that area of electrochemical knowledge which deals with the mechanisms, theory, materials, and design of devices (primary and secondary cells, and batteries and fuel cells) in which chemical energy can be converted into usable electrical energy by an electrochemical process.”

Eligibility criteria

ECS Battery Division Early Career Award winner selection is based on the importance and significance of the science and technology achievement(s) or major contribution(s) to the field of batteries or fuel cells as seen in the publication(s) where they are reported.

Candidate(s) requirements:

  • Current membership in The Electrochemical Society and ECS Battery Division;
  • Leading author or major contributor to a paper or papers, one of which appeared in an ECS journal;
  • Paper(s) exhibits novelty and a high order of scientific excellence; factors considered include:
    • Originality of concept and work’s impact;
    • Thoroughness of experimental approach and/or robust theoretical analysis and modeling;
    • Logic of conclusions;
    • Clarity of presentation.
  • Under (or at) the age of 35 on the nomination deadline date;
  • During postdoctoral assignment, exhibits exceptional promise in leadership, advocacy, outreach or teaching, and excellence in scientific research;
  • As the work’s significance may become clearer over time, papers may be considered that appeared up to 10 years prior to May 1 of the Postdoctoral Associate Research Award year.
Nomination guidelines

A complete nomination packet includes:

  • Electronic Nomination Form;
  • Cover letter stating research interests and accomplishments;
  • Postdoctoral advisor support letter;
  • Copy of publication(s) describing the science/technology achievement.

Nominations are for one year only.

ECS Battery Division Postdoctoral Associate Research Award Committee members may not submit nominations or letters of support during their terms of service.


Each year, two recipients each receive:

  • Framed certificate;
  • USD $2,000;
  • Complimentary registration at the designated ECS meeting;
  • Discretionary support for designated ECS meeting travel expenses.
Recipient obligations

The award recipients are asked, but not required, to present a lecture to the ECS Battery Division at the Society’s fall meeting when the award is presented.

About the MTI Corporation

MTI Corporation, founded in 1994 by Dr. Xiao P. Jiang, is a leading manufacturer of oxide crystals, substrates, and lab equipment for material research. The KJ Group, a division of MTI Corporation, operates multiple production facilities in China. With a commitment to good design, low prices, and customer service, MTI strives to become the world’s leader in bench-top machines for material science research.

Dr. Xiao P. Jiang received a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from the Chinese Academy of Science and served as a postdoctoral researcher on superconductor crystals under the supervision of Prof. M. C. Flemings at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


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