Dielectric Science & Technology Division Thomas D. Callinan Award

Nomination period: March 15 – June 15, annually
Presented: ECS spring meeting, annually

The Dielectric Science and Technology Division Thomas D. Callinan Award was established in 1967 to develop interest in dielectric science and technology among scientists, especially during their early career and encourage:

  • Excellence in dielectric investigations;
  • Preparation of high-quality science and technology papers and patents;
  • Publication in the Journal of The Electrochemical Society;
  • And recognize outstanding contributions to the field of dielectric science and technology.

For this award’s purpose, dielectric science and technology is defined as “that area of knowledge which deals with the physics and chemistry of dielectric materials, as well as the mechanisms and operation of devices in which electrical energy can be stored or insulated in electrical or electronic equipment.”

Eligibility criteria
  • Has made outstanding achievements in dielectric science and technology;
  • Author(s) of a paper(s) or patent(s) reporting new advances in dielectrics;
  • Judgement of the achievement/contribution’s importance/significance is based on the paper(s) or patent(s) where it is reported;
  • Written material exhibits a high order of excellence in science and technology; it is recommended that eligible paper(s) or patent(s) appear in open literature in the five (5) years before June 1 of the award year.
Nomination guidelines

A complete nomination packet includes:

  • Completed electronic nomination form;
  • Other recommended documents, if applicable or relevant to the award:
    • Nomination letter
    • Letters of support (no more than five)
    • CV
    • Publications list
    • Copies of papers or proceedings
    • List of patents
    • Copy of paper or patent that forms basis of nomination
    • Statements of research interests or accomplishments
    • For student awards, statement of advisor, etc. (no more than 2 pages, double-spaced)
    • Any document that may support the basis of the nomination
    • Any other pertinent information that might assist the members of the Awards Committee in assessing the candidate.

Unsuccessful nominations are eligible for consideration for one additional year.

Members of the Dielectric Science and Technology Division Thomas D. Callinan Award Committee may not submit nominations or letters of support during their terms of service on the committee.


The award consists of :

  • Scroll;
  • USD $1,500;
  • If required, travel expenses to attend the ECS meeting where the award is presented.
Recipient obligations

The award recipient presents a lecture at the Society’s spring meeting when the award is presented.

About Thomas D. Callinan

Thomas D. Callinan was an active ECS member for many years and a formative member of the DS&T Division. From his own successful career in dielectrics, he recognized the need to orient the division’s activities toward the broader aspects of dielectrics. With this in mind, Callinan personally stimulated the interest and participation of many researchers in dielectric science and technology.



For more information or questions, contact awards@electrochem.org.

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